Magdalena Wutkowska attempts to visually describe her personal perspective on people’s relationship with their surroundings and processes associated with it, such as alteration, choice, chaos and displacement. She focuses on man-altered landscapes, landscape-altered people and the connection between inner and outer setting. Although mostly self-taught, in her photographic practice she experiments with a variation of different materials and techniques.

Courses and workshops:
2020     'Seeing Through Photographs' - an online non-credit course authorised by The Museum of Modern Art and offered through Coursera
2019     International workshop in printmaking using non-toxic intaglio in Capileira, Spain, organised and taught by Henrik Bøegh (Grafisk Eksperimentatorium)
2018     Wet plate collodion workshop at The Photoscope in Copenhagen, organised by Lene Grinde and taught by Daniel Samanns.
2017     'Building a personal body of work' (online course) at International Centre of Photography, USA, taught by Martine Fougeron

Selected work:
2020 Jan   Front-page in Hufvudstadsbladet  (19.01.2020 issue of Finnish newspaper written in Swedish) 
2019 Dec   Online group exhibition 'Winter' - Analog Forever, curated by Aline Smithson
2019 Oct    Project exhibition in Galleri Svalbard, Longyearbyen - 'Nights of the Sun' with Anna Ejsmond
2019 July   Online group exhibition 'Camera Obscura' - Analog Forever, curated by Nils Karlson
2019 June  Online group exhibition Guest-Room - Der Greif, curated by John Fleetwood
2019 May   Online group exhibition 'Compelling Dreams' - Analog Forever, curated by Russell Joslin
2019 May   International group exhibition 'Stranger than Fiction' in Rome - LoosenArt
2019 Apr    Online group exhibition 'Private Document' - Analog Forever
2019 Feb   Picture of the day at Don't Take Pictures
2019 Feb   Online group exhibition 'Winter pictures' - Humble Arts Foundation
2018 Jan   Uncertain Magazine, Issue #2, Kafkaesque

Mentions/features on social media:
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